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Getting new customers is a gradual and constant process. You can hold special events or promotions but you should try and develop a sustained approach to thinking about new customers. That way, you will build a steady growth which will continue to bring new customers through the door.

Make sure that the basics are right

Word of mouth is your greatest tool when it comes to recruiting new customers! People are more likely to return and recommend your outlet if they feel that they are getting value for money, and receive outstanding customer service and great quality in the drinks and food they are served. All of these are simple to implement, but will leave a lasting impression.

Encourage use by the local community

Ask around and investigate which local organisations meet regularly – sports clubs, societies, residents groups, etc. By offering your outlet as a base for them to meet, they will soon be buying beer and food from you.

PR works

Most newspapers and radio stations are keen to feature local news. It’s up to you to tell them about what you are doing. If they think it’s of interest to their audience, they will tell them.

Hold a big event

You can pick your own theme using our events calendar  or run an event like a beer festival. You should advertise these in your outlet for regulars, and for those not familiar with your outlet a simple leaflet or advert in the local paper to put through letterboxes is ideal. PrintCreate has a range of templates for posters and banners that can be used to advertise your event.

Live music

Entertainment needs to be handled with care, but the right artist in the right venue can be a tremendous draw. But think about it carefully first: a loud rock band in a specialist food pub would give the wrong message to potential new customers.

Set up a promotion

A value-for-money food or drink offer can be publicised on a leaflet which you could door-drop or even hand out at the local shopping centre.

Think outside the box

Are there types of new customers you could attract at different times of the day depending on your location? For example, if you are in a town centre then offering deals targeted throughout the day will draw customers in. Coffee and pastries in the morning, lunch deals and afternoon tea are all things that you can offer.