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Creating a website

Here are some of the most important areas you should consider when creating a new website.

How to design a successful pub website

To create a successful pub website we always suggest that you place yourself in the shoes of your typical customers. Think about the different types of customer that visit your business, the occasions they visit and then think about their needs. What types of things are they looking for?

Planning information architecture

Once you have an understanding of your customers and their needs you can then start considering a sitemap and what type of content to display. A sitemap is a workflow style diagram that will help you plan the structure of your website. The sitemap will define the categorisation of content and how the navigation and menus work.

Typically your customers will be looking for the following:

  • General information about your pub
  • Contact and address details
  • Opening times
  • Menus
  • What’s on


Design and look & feel

With your sitemap and content plans mapped out, the next stage to consider is design. If you’re a city centre liquor-led pub that attracts younger customers, your design or look and feel is likely to be very different to a country gastro pub that serves premium home-cooked food and real ales. You need to create a visual connection though design that’s relevant to your target audience.

User experience

User experience (UX) is another important consideration. Good UX will enable your customer to find their content quickly and easily (best practice is within three clicks). Modern web design uses visual signposts in terms of masthead and hotspot banners to draw the eye of the visitor into specific content. 

Management of content

Updating content is an important consideration. Many websites these days are built on a content management system (CMS). A CMS allows non-technical people to manage the content of their website through a secure login (similar in principle to updating content on Facebook). It is then easy to manage updates and content changes internally.

How do I go about building a website?

There are a great many companies out there who build websites. Have a look at businesses in your area that have a website, ask them who built it and are they happy with them. Ask your customers if they know anyone.

Here are a few providers that could assist you: