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Cask Marque

At Greene King we are passionate about quality, and are keen to celebrate and recognise those outlets that serve cask ale in perfect condition. To this end we have strong links with Cask Marque Trust, an independent not-for-profit organisation who actively promote those alehouses that serve a great pint every time.

What is Cask Marque?

Cask Marque was set up to improve the quality of cask ale in pubs, by way of an accreditation scheme to promote those pubs that serve a great pint. This has now extended to all outlets that serve cask ale.

Outlets that join the scheme are visited, unannounced, by an independent assessor at least twice a year. In the first year they are visited twice in the first three months and in subsequent years they are visited once in the summer and once in the winter.

The assessor checks all cask ales on sale for temperature, appearance, aroma and taste. If all beers reach the required standard then the outlet passes and will receive a plaque, framed certificate and merchandising to inform its customers of their great achievement. Consumers are encouraged to comment independently on the quality of cask ale in the outlet direct to Cask Marque and further visits are made if required.

What are the benefits?

Cask Marque conducted a survey in January 2012 to see how much their licensees had benefited from having the accreditation.

  • Over half the accredited sites said that their customer knew that Cask Marque was a ‘badge of quality’ for beer.
  • 88% of outlets reported an increase in sales since gaining the accreditation.
  • 98% of accredited outlets said that they would recommend the scheme to other licensees.


Why should I join Cask Marque?

1. The Cask Marque plaque displayed outside your outlet says to customers that you are serious about cask ale.  34% of beer drinkers would not order a second drink if they thought the quality was poor – the Cask Marque plaque is like a ‘Kite Mark’ for quality cask ale.

2. Point-of-sale material is free of charge, which includes drip mats, tent cards, window stickers, pump clip stickers and more for you to publicise your success.

3. All accredited pubs are featured on ‘CaskFinder’, a free smartphone app. 

4. Your pub, together with details of its facilities will be listed on the Cask Marque website and hot linked into your own website.

5. A licensee with the Award is entitled to use the Cask Marque logo on all promotional materials, menus and advertising.

6. An opportunity to access Cask Marque cellar management training programmes (Award in Beer and Cellar Quality) at preferential rates. This is a nationally recognised qualification awarded by the British Institute of Innkeeping, and can increase beer sales by up to 7%.

7. Cask Marque keep accredited pubs updated regularly with trade news and industry events such as National Cask Ale Week.

8. Cask Marque accredited outlets can now be downloaded via laptops or PCs to satellite navigation systems including Garmin and TomTom. This service is free of charge and will enable cask ale consumers to identify Cask Marque pubs on their point of interest facility, on points of interest near you, at break of journey and end of journey.

What does it cost to join?

The total fee is £168 in year one and £126 each year after (excl. VAT). As a Greene King customer it may be that we are able to support you in your membership. Contact us  for more information.

How do I apply to join?

More information is available by either visiting www.cask-marque.co.uk or phoning 01206 752212.